Countdown to Move Day



  • Consider hiring a home organizer to assist in de-cluttering prior to the move (Save you time and money)
  • Clean out closets, storage areas, attic, basement, bookshelves, toy chests, shed and garage
  • Consider donating to charitable organizations and obtain a receipt for tax purposes
  • Consider having a yard sale
  • Completely inventory all items in the residence that are to be moved
  • Decide if you are taking some of your favorite plants or all of them
  • Consume all frozen foods as they will not make the move
  • Decide if you want to keep your appliances or if you will purchase new.
    • Consider age, condition and color
    • Will they match / fit your new house?
  • Notify post office ( and mail subscriptions of new address and effective date
  • Notify any regular services such as security company, snow removal and lawn care of the pending move
  • Plan move date to coincide with the closing date of your new home
  • Club memberships – Will they transfer, be refunded or can you sell them
  • Homeowners insurance – Transfer it and ensure the dates coincide with the move
  • Bank accounts – Open new accounts and transfer money
  • Pet relocation – Check with veterinarian for any special requirements for travel
    • If a company paid move check on their policy to cover transportation fees
  • Arrange to have any prepaid security deposits refunded
  • Register students for school and have all records transferred to new school



  • Coordinate with utility companies in your new location as when to start services to avoid any inconvenience
  • Contact regular home services, trash / recycling, lawn / snow removal, newspaper, etc. to discontinue services on specified date
  • Ensure students clean out school and gym lockers
  • Contact utility companies to confirm shutoff dates at present (old) location
  • Check with new location for driver’s license and vehicle registration requirements
  • Transfer insurance and ensure it covers new location requirements
  • Ask current dentist and doctors for referrals and ensure records and prescriptions are transferred.
  • DO NOT SHIP flammable or combustible items. Use them prior to the move or discard the below listed items.
    • Cleaning and lighting fluids, matches, ammunition, oil-based paints, bleach and all aerosol cans should not be shipped for safety reasons. Aerosol cans include but are not limited to the following:
    • Household cleaners, tarnish removers, insecticides, car cleaners, deodorants and shaving cremes.
  • DO NOT SHIP valuables. (Legal documents, jewelry, collections (stamp / coins), insurance policies and passports) Mail them insured or certified or carry them with you during the relocation.