Services Offered

Residential Basic Move

The Residential Basic Move consists of moving your family’s personal property from one location to another or within the same building. This does not include packing or unpacking of any boxes.

Senior Citizen Move

At Honor Movers, we understand and have experience with assisting seniors in relocation. Whether you or your loved ones are downsizing or moving to an assisted living home, it is a stressful event for everyone. Let us take the stress out of the move, so you can focus on what matters . We offer a wide variety of services to meet your needs.

Residential Complete Move

The Residential Complete Move consists of packing and unpacking your possessions and moving your personal property from one location to another or within the same building.

Large or bulky item Move

Have you ever purchased something that you either fell in love with like a piece of furniture or large quantity items you need like wood pellets, but then realize you cannot get it home? Don't rent a truck from the large chain stores or borrow one from a friend, just to have to load and unload it yourself at home or work. Let Honor Movers assist you and do the heavy work for you!

Commercial Move

Honor Movers can assist you with relocating your business, whether it’s across the building, town or state. We understand that your business needs to stay operating and we have flexible schedules to relocate you with minimal interruptions to your business.

College Move

After moving one of my children to and from college in New Hampshire several times, I understand the stress and confusion of it. Let Honor Movers move your young adult’s possessions to and from college, allowing you the opportunity to spend valuable time with them. We can simply move their possessions or pack and unpack their possessions, which ever you prefer.

Contact us for details and to find out about our specials that are available for multiple young adults attending the same school or a school close by so grab a friend or neighbor to join in this opportunity.


If you are in between homes and need temporary storage, we are here to help!

We offer limited access, climate-controlled storage for your convenience!